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Controlled Room Fermentation (Sweating/Mulling)

Hail & Cotton Inc., Springfield, TN, USA, offers 2 fermentation rooms. The computer-controlled rooms automatically adjust humidity and temperature according to requirements. Contrary to natural fermentation of the tobacco whereby the tobacco heats up under the pressure of its own weight during a very long period, the fully controlled temperature cycles and tobacco humidity allow the tobacco to expel (or sweat out) the ammonia and impurities in the leaves in a much shorter time cycle.

Grading/Packing of Wrapper/Binder Tobacco

In our Dominican operation, CdF Domitab S.A., the experienced sorters can grade any type of wrapper or binder from any origin, up to customers quality standards and requirements.

Cold Storage

We just installed a brand new cold storage unit in our Dominican operation with the possibility to store any type of wrapper/binders under controlled conditions ensuring that there will be no quality deterioration during a longer storage period. Besides storage we can also offer additional services such as sampling, marking, shipping, etc.