Responsible Business

Responsible Business – What it means to us

Hail & Cotton is further embedding responsible business and sustainability principles across our global operatons. We are committed to pursuing practices that meet legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as internationally recognised standards for environmental, social, and governance related issues.

Being a family-owned business with deep roots of more than 120 years, we are proud of our efforts to date, but we also recognize that there is still more to be done. We are implementing our sustainability approach with commitment and dedication to consolidation, change, and improvement. We are also seeking new opportunities that can help us deliver greater impact to our business, and that also create meaningful value for our people and our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Approach

We recognize that developing a robust sustainability approach is imperative to the adaptability and resilience of our long-term success. Our Sustainability Approach is structured around three primary pillars of Planet, People, and Process, and is fully aligned with our purpose, mission, and core values. It is supported by our Executive Committee and Board of Directors and relates to operational activities through which we can create value over the long term – for people, the planet, and business.


Our Key Policies & Reports

Hail & Cotton is a multinational company with a unified culture that seeks to ensure responsible business behaviour in all our global operations while respecting local laws, workforces, and traditions. Our business is guided by our core values, which reinforce ethical behaviour and dedication to our customers, employees, growers, and communities. Our corporate policies framework comprises key policies, applicable across the operations.

Key policies include: Global Human Rights Policy, Global Environmental Policy, Global Child Labor Policy, Global ALP Code.

Key reports include: Canada FY23 Modern Slavery Report.

Industry Standards

We recognize that many of our significant social and environmental impacts are likely to occur in our supply chain, which is why we intend to work hard with suppliers, especially with our tobacco growers, to enhance the integration of sustainable practices into our agricultural programs. Key industry standards we integrate are:

  • Sustainable Tobacco Production (STP)

    STP helps drive industry-wide standards in agricultural practices, environmental management, and key social and human rights areas. It delivers continuous improvement in the tobacco supply chain. Hail & Cotton maintains a comprehensive program for STP that is subject to audits by recognized professional bodies. Our program and robust governance procedures support the STP implementation, including topics such as Crop Protection & Integrity, Water Stewardship, Human & Labor Rights, Biodiversity, Livelihoods, Climate Change, Natural Habitats, and Soil Health.

  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

    GAP is a collection of principles to apply to on-farm and post- production processes that result in safe and healthy agricultural products, while considering economic, social, and environmental sustainability. The agricultural standards and practices support the production of quality crops while protecting, sustaining, or enhancing the environment, ensuring the safety and rights of farm workers, and recognizing growers who are committed to standards. Our trained agronomy teams develop and implement sound agricultural practices with our tobacco suppliers.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and American Institute of Baking (AIB)

    The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) describes a set of principles and procedures that ensure manufacturing products are consistently produced and controlled according to a set of quality standards. The GMP is clearly identified and promotes a clean working environment where the product and our people are protected.

Community Support Program

Our strategic approach to community support addresses the relationship between our business operations and the communities in which we operate. It covers socioeconomic community impacts, increasing community engagement and continuous dialogue, plus cultivation of local workforces, impact on local businesses in growing communities, and environmental and social impact assessments. Our strategic priorities for community support initiatives are categorized under three key pillars of Education, Livelihoods and Natural Resources. More about our Community Support Program can be found in our Sustainability Approach.


Hail & Cotton provides equal opportunities to all persons with respect to employment and career development within the Company by practicing accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the rule of law, and human rights. Personnel determinations are based on the individual’s qualifications and the merits of each case in accordance with national, state, and local laws.

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HCIG Memberships

Hail & Cotton Memberships

Additionally, Hail & Cotton is a member of international organizations that promote business and ethical practices including:

  • Promotes international cooperation in tobacco research and identifies best practices.

  • Works to eliminate child labor in tobacco growing.